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Digital first platform

Our customer-centric platform provides an inclusive and data-centered trial experience. It enables precise outcomes, scalable capabilities, and real-time integration of multiple data sources.

Make the process of conducting clinical trials easier by using a platform developed by medical professionals, patient advocates, and technology experts. This platform provides a user-friendly experience for everyone involved in the trial and is created from scratch, not pieced together from various sources. You can select only the solutions you require from any eClinical system and obtain real-time data for monitoring safety and effectiveness.


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In addition, our platform enables the use of various participant recruitment strategies, such as social media and marketing.


Furthermore, our platform allows for the use of questionnaires, videos, and images to facilitate the comprehensive collection of research-grade clinical data through either a mobile app or web interface.

Eligibility screening and onboarding

Moreover, our platform provides access to wider populations and enables the identification of suitable participants through remote screening. The platform also allows for the onboarding of participants using ID verification.


Additionally, our platform facilitates the process of obtaining informed consent by providing engaging and educational content that can help build trust and support retention of participants. This is done seamlessly and efficiently, improving the overall trial experience.


Furthermore, our platform offers tele-visit and tele-consent options, as well as secure messaging and clinical support through video and audio consultations, making logistics and communication much easier for all stakeholders involved in the trial.


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Benefits of the platform

How our DCT platform can help accelerate timelines and reduce costs

Accelerate your decision-making process by leveraging real-time analytics.


Tailor your dashboards to deliver up-to-the-minute insights into site and participant performance. This feature helps in proactive and safe monitoring of participants and in improving adherence to protocols


Enhance participant engagement and increase retention rates.


Offer an intuitive UI design, educational content, and notifications to optimize participation and engagement. Seamless device connection and tele-visits also reduce the burden on patients.


Facilitate the collection of research-grade data.


Collect comprehensive and high-quality health data from sensors, devices, and questionnaires using our robust platform.


Effortlessly connect and integrate.


Flexibly connect to Electronic Data Capture and other datasets/registries, and obtain near real-time access to Electronic Health Records, pharmacy, and claims records. This helps build a more comprehensive patient profile.


Everything in one place

Seamless and efficient


Scale drug development portfolio

Better analytics

Transform your organization

Make medicine more inclusive

Design studies, your way

Why Eclevar DCT?

Select only the solutions you require from any eClinical system, and obtain real-time data for monitoring safety and effectiveness.